Camera inspection

We, like many other photographers, constantly dream about photographic equipment. We have learned that the only way to stop the dream and to get some sleep is to buy new equipment. This terrible disorder has caused us to spend all our money on the following few pieces of glass and mirrors:


  • Canon 1ds Mark 3 and Mark 2 – The top of the range Canon camera. Expensive for what it does, but a real work horse.
  • Canon 1d Mark 4 – A real race horse. The first fast Canon camera with good enough image quality for our book publishing purposes. Brilliant for action.
  • Canon 5d Mark 2 – The most versatile and easiest camera to carry around and use.


  • 15mm f2,8 fisheye lens – A difficult lens to use, but can create surprising results under certain circumstances. Just remember to keep the horizon in the middle of the image to limit distortion.
  • 16-35mm f2,8 L and 17-35mm f2,8 L – The lens we use the most. Great for landscapes, interiors, journalism and people or animals in their environment.
  • 24mm f1,4 L – In the 2011 World Press Photo Awards, 51 out of the 372 images that won awards were photographed using this particular lens. It opens doors in areas where all the doors are closed (where it is dark), because with f1,4 you can  photograph almost anywhere. But a prime lens is still very difficult to use.
  • 50mm f1,2 L – Very light and compact for such a fast lens. Great for travel photography. It gives photographs that classic, traditional feel.
  • 85mm f1,2 L – The ultimate portrait lens. It has quite a bit of chromatic aberration when wide open, but if you get it right, the angels sing (to quote Drew Gardner).
  • 100mm f2,8 Macro – A macro lens is essential for any wildlife photographer, and this one is small and versatile.
  • 180mm f3,5 Macro – Extremely sharp. It it is a bit more bulky than the 100mm, but the extra 80mm makes it great for macro on location.
  • 70-200 f2,8 IS L – The bread-and-butter lens. And sometimes the jam as well. The most used lens for wildlife. Brilliant.
  • 70-200 f4 IS L – The small brother of the f2,8 lens. Very handy when travelling. This lens is very sharp and focuses quickly enough for most action. And it is affordable. The only drawback is that it is not really fast enough for converters.
  • 300mm f4 IS L – An excellent pick-up-and-shoot lens when you have another big lens on the car seat. It is small, light and versatile.
  • 300mm f2,8 L – If you can only afford one super-telephoto lens, this is it. You can use it with a 2x converter without much sacrifice of quality.
  • 600mm f4 L – A mother of a lens, and the mother of many of our best images. She has great genes.


  • Canon 580 EX flashes. Great with the off-camera cord or wireless transmitter. We have a few of these that live and breed in our camera bags.
  • Quantum Qflashes. Studio lights on location. There is no support in South Africa for these lights, but they are really good for location lighting.
  • Golden reflectors – a must for plant photography.
  • Bean bag and car-door bracket.
  • Z-finder for Video on the 5d camera.
  • Tripods.


  • Apple MacPro – The only computer fast and big enough for image publishing.
  • Apple Macbook Pro – To download images in the field, as well as presentations.
  • Apple iPad – For watching movies while waiting at a waterhole.

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